Friday, 14 July 2006

First thoughts

Well, I'll kick off this blog with a few brief words of explanation...

I've set this up in order have somewhere to post thoughts and pictures from a forthcoming trip diving around Malaysia and Indonesia. The thinking runs that I can just upload the more interesting stuff here and those of you that are interested can check it out without me having to send multiple emails to people or do a cut'n'paste between bulletin boards. Not that I won't do those things anyway, but that's the way it goes.

The title, findingbill, was suggested by a friend a work, Emma. It's not about finding the real me in a deep, spiritual and meaningful context though. Nope, it's a play on Finding Nemo, and I went for it because it's a tad difficult to find a good and fresh name on a place like this. Hey ho.

Flights all booked for next thursday morning and pretty much all the preperations have been made. Still need to pick up some currency and travellers checks, get a quick eye check up and spare glasses and fill my new iPod (my first ever) with music. Oh, and get three days work in!


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