Monday, 6 July 2009


Went round a concentration camp today. 123000 human beings lost their lives here. Some were gassed with Zyklon B, some hung with wire from an iron beam, some shot in the neck in a special machine that adjusted the height for a perfect neck shot every time, some worked to death in the quarry, some starved to death. Came away very angry... Choose this picture of a sculpture there as it best summed it up. This is why we fight the BNP and their ilk. Never again.


Blogger Joanne said...

It is a beautiful image Bill, the sad thing is most people see it as 'art' and as 'history' without reflecting on the fact that things of the same magnitude happen just about every day in some part of the world but maybe they're not white or 'civilised' or recognisable to our western eyes, maybe we're just not at war with the perpetrayers so its not our problem :o( we will never learn, it's not just Nazi history, it's the world's history...

2:05 pm  
Blogger THE said...

That's a powerful picture, Bill. Thank you.


4:44 am  
Anonymous Larry said...

I can only agree with you Bill, Joanne & Susan. I'm never surprised by man's inhumanity to man, but i do get disgusted by it.

8:41 pm  

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