Friday, 29 November 2013

Cat Ba to Haiphong

Wed 27/11/13, 50km

The weather forecast cast for the day was rainy so I was pleased by a dry start to the day. Original plan was get the 10AM ferry however on closer questioning it transpired that this left from from Phu Long and went via Cat Hai, a small island on the way to the mainland. Still, although I had to catch a later ferry at 1PM it allowed me to cycle across the island for one last time. Also proved to be a damn site cheaper at only 14000 dong (as opposed to 150000).

Unfortunately by the time I got to the mainland it was raining which combined with a lot of dirt on the road led to an inch or two of slurry on the road... Dammit, wish I'd left those mudguards on! The road back into Haiphong went passed miles of active docks. Not pleasant cycling in the rain although I did manage to pick up a rain cape when I got into the city.

Stopped at a different hotel (forget the name but address was 20b Minh Khai) which for $20 was great, particularly given the amount of muddy water I was shedding.


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