Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Welcome to Croatia. And the edge of my comfort zone

Let me explain. I've travelled some 2200 miles in the part six weeks, and in that time, aside from staying with friends I've been camping all that time... but now I've reached the area where just aren't enough campsites around to be able to reach them every day. This means getting rooms and that, for now, pushes at the boundaries for me. When camping when I reach the place I'm going to get a pitch (it's a mislabelled caravan park, or closed or at the centre of a festival of course). Now I've got to find a vacant room and speak foreign as well!


Blogger Craggy said...

Talking foreign is easy. Just shout a lot and point, like they are deaf and stupid. If they still don't get it, start throwing furniture.

12:42 pm  
Blogger Bill said...

Dammit man, I'm posh, I don't do that. I just spend about an hour trying to catch their eye then whisper at them!

5:24 pm  

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