Thursday, 3 September 2009

Kastamonu to Cankiri: mountain range 2

Over the second set of mountains today with the highest pass at 1875 meters. I was fair puffed when I reached the top! Funny thing happened on the way. Hit a long stretch of road in a valley, pictured above. Looking at it I could "see" it was a downhill and yet even with a mild tail wind I was struggling to make a decent speed. Checked the altimeter and it said I was still climbing... and looking at it the stream over the road was gurgling back down the way I'd come. Still looked like a downhill though and l just couldn't shake the illusion! Glad to hit a proper gradient after a while just so I knew which way was up again!


Blogger andybubble said...

glad to see you are still going well. it sounds amazing. am very jealous. once had a very strange experience in the picos de europa( sp?) in spain where we had a stretch of hill that we freewheeled down when it seemed to be going up. stranger still we came back the same way (on the same day doing a circular route) and free wheeled up it when it appeared to be going down. our explanation was a combination of spanish fairies and the after effects of the local cider.

9:57 pm  
Blogger Bill said...

Apperently it's called a Gravity Hill

10:17 am  

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