Friday, 21 August 2009

Well there's a turn up for the books

It should be my final day in Istanbul today as I picked up my Indian visa this afternoon. This means I've got to stop lounging around and go and do things in preperation such as pick up ferry timetables (they don't go where I want when I want: curses!), get a new waterproof (only £6 as well, although the concept of breathable does not seem to apply), pick up laundry and so on.

Another chore for today was to refresh my reading material. Finish off the book I was reading (Tunnel Rats since you ask), swap it and buy a new book as well. Decided to go for a book by Orhan Pamuk, who is Turkeys best selling writer and winner of the 2006 Nobel prize for literature. I've read a lot of his work and was in a city centre English language book shop trying to choose what to get. Tough choice and in the end I decided that rather than get his latest, the only one I haven't read, I'd go for one I liked on a previous readıng, The New Life. As I ummed and ah-ed making this choice the assistant who'd pointed me to the right section said "Actually see that man who's just come in? That's him. You could ask him to sign the book if you like." Which I duly did...


Anonymous Trent said...

Hey Bıll. Hope that you're havıng fun gettıng out of the gıgantıc metropolıs of ıstanbul. Its Tc here. Met ın Sultanamet as I was headıng out on my bıke wıth Nıc towards Aus. Goodluck for the rıde and I hope that you're havıng fun.

1:31 pm  

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