Monday, 29 November 2010

Dahab, Egypt. For now.

Egypt, with a balmy winter climate and the lure of Red Sea diving, what better place to go for a few weeks at the end of a contract?

Got here a couple of days ago with the well thought out plan of, er, doing some diving and for once seeing some things above water. First part of the plan was easy enough to sort with a quick trip up to Dahab a home away from home for me. A rapidly changing home away from home mind you... a lot of the restaurants between the lighthouse and the bridge such as Al Capones have at some point in the past 18 months been turned into proper sit down places rather that the old slouch down on rag rugs with cushion covered palm trees to lean on style.

Two days of diving have followed, alas no photos yet as my camera housing is not too reliable at the moment. Hopefully get some in a couple of weeks. Diving done for now, the dive center is looking after my kit as I set off for Luxor, Aswan and other places in the deep south. Unfortunately, in order to even try to be back and diving for my birthday I need to set off now. I say unfortunately as the only practical way for me to travel is a 16 hour overnight bus journey. Of course, with a little over an hour to go my stomach seems to have turned to mush. Looks like I could be in for an "intersting" time. This Valley of the Kings malarky had better be worth it, I could be doing the Canyon and Bells to Blue Hole today.


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