Saturday, 22 July 2006

Briefly from Singapore

Flight arrived at about 8am yesterday and Nick and I checked straight into the tranist hotel at the airport as we didn't get much sleep on the flight. 4 hours sleep seems to have done the trick as we were fine yesterday. Our hostel, Bugis Backpackers, is somewhat spartan (or possibly monastic given the cell like nature of the rooms) and I inadvertently broke two of their rules in the first twelve hours. Still, it's a reasonably cheap place to rest ones head and it's got aircon which is pretty much essential given the humidity here.

Spent the past day and half wondering around the city seeing a few of the sights. I may upload some photo's at some point but probably not today. Went round China town, Little India, and Orchard Road shopping area amongst other places. Picked up some new specs on Orchard Road but I'm not 100% sold on them as the surface area is a bit smaller than my current glasses which'll take a bit of getting used to.

Singapore itself is a very clean city which a great mass transit system and quite a European feel to it. What with left hand drive, 90% + of signs in English and the architecture one could almost be in London which is really cutting down on my culture shock.

So, in summary, Singapore has been hot, humid and surprisngly easy.

Off to Tioman tomorrow, and the diving starts on Monday. Yay!


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