Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dahab update

Got five days of diving in with a degree of post dives nerves every time (is that tingling? is it my nerves, is it my imagination or is it DCS?). To help matters along I've been diving on nitrox for the deeper dives: this is air with more oxygen in it, which means there is less nitrogen to be absorbed by the blood during the dive. The nitrox 32 I've been on means that at 30 meters my effective air depth (that is the equivalent depth at which I'd be at while breathing normal air) is about 24 meters. Makes a big difference!

I'm on a rest day today: bit of swimming, chilling, knee exercises, that sort of thing. Four more days of diving from tomorrow then back and on the bike. Truth be told I'm getting into dive bum mode now, so if I don't get on the bike soon I can see me staying here and enrolling on an instructors course in June. Mind, the food in Egypt is indifferent at best: you ever seen an Egyptian restaurant in your neighbourhood? There's a reason for that... 12,000 years of history and the one signature dish they've come up with? Foul medames. 'nuff said on that front. Oh, and the dive centre I'm with is full of gap year kids doing Dive Master and Instructor courses. 18, fresh out of school and guiding me, and others, on dives. Nice enough but... no. Just no.

Time for lunch and a snooze now I think. Weather has cooled to a balmy 31c today but is forecast to be 44c by Monday. Hmmm. Yeah, thinking about it, probably is about time to get on that bike again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met Bill in Dahab while he was in rehab with his knee, we did several dives together, I dived with him when he did his 300th dive. Good to see he is getting back on the bike, well at least that’s the plan when the rain stops. Good luck hope the knee holds up.


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