Thursday, 16 October 2008

One green light

Since the last post I've chatted further with Helen regarding the whole her living with her mum and earning money to go travelling while I swan off on a bike. And she's basically good with it although a bit unhappy that I'll be on my own, which is fair enough. She did point out it was a bit over the top if I was planning to dump her, which once again is fair enough. One "minor" problem is that her business went pretty badly this summer so she's starting off from the position of being in debt.

So, next stage is get dealing with the house rolling, either rented or (less likely) sold. Either way I've got a list as long as your arm (provided I adjust the font size) of stuff to sort out. External paintwork, hedge, internal paintwork, boiler, etc etc etc.

On a slightly more positive note, I've started to do some basic route planning. Simplest way is cycle over to Hull (95 miles) and get a ferry to Holland. From there it's 5300 cycling miles to the Indian border, give or take. I make that slightly more that 200 miles a week over 26 weeks, which is doable. I'm planning on refining a Google Maps route plan over the coming weeks all the better to ignore it if/ when I get going. I've also been looking at other peoples blogs such as Blazing Saddles which I particularly like , which has made me think, do I want to continue using Blogger or set up a dedicated website? Ah well, still got some time to ponder!



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