Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stone 'enge

Where the banshee's live and they do live well... Knee still manky but I made 34 miles today. Hopefully hit Portsmouth for the overnight ferry tomorrow. More detail when I hit a computer.


Blogger Nick said...

Good to see your making progress, hope the UK exit goes well!

9:47 am  
Anonymous The Coopers of Whalley Range said...

Hiya Bill,
Just waving you off, and hoping you'll update your blog as often as possible for us armchair travellers! For us, taking a snap and using the phone blogger facility with a little comment is just as good as a diary entry, and it lets us know you're OK! I reckon you'll get the benefit of it when you come back and find what a wealth of material you've managed to accumulate in little snippets. Anyway, take good care. Best wishes and love from all who know you. What an adventure.

12:40 pm  

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