Friday, 13 November 2009

Arriving in India

Arriving in Delhi at 5am I was worried I was going to be blown away by the place. As it is, it's big and chaotic, full of surprises and stuff that is out of the ordinary for a European. Having said that, having spent a little time in Africa and South East Asia, and having visited Chennai seems to have inoculated me somewhat, at least to the extent where I'm not running screaming too often (aside from to the loo).

I'm staying in the Pahar Ganj area, pictured above, for a few days. The area is certainly interesting, vibrant and full of "characters" one might say. I'm waiting to team up with another British cyclist who's flying here from Istanbul on the 16th, after which the plan is to head towards Goa. Had been planning to train it up to Amristar and still might, but unfortunately booze and inertia have intervened for now.

More later!


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