Saturday, 28 December 2013


26th to 28th Dec

Spent a couple of days relaxing in Vientiane. Importantly I found a very good bike shop (Chongcharoen Bike on Rue Dongpayna) which had a selection of bike computers, spare cleats and every other bike related thing you could want. They stock Trek, Giant and I also noticed a Surly Cross Check Frame as well as a Bianchi in there so if you need anything for your bike in Laos this seems to be the place.

Vientiane itself is a quite nice chilled and relaxed little city. There are a few things to do (quite enjoyed the museum), and a good selection of eating and drinking establishments. I also bumped into Cindy and Dave one last time! We had a curry and beer although they'd eaten something that disagreed with them so couldn't indulge too much.

I also got some good maps and the Lonely Planet guide for Thailand for planning purposes.

Patuxi, the Laotian Arc de Triumph (or Delhi Gate?). Also called The Vertical Runway as it was built with cement meant for the airport.
View over the Mekong to Thailand


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