Sunday, 30 July 2006

Cherating, Malaysia

Well it looks like the cybercafe stole my lost post from Tioman as I was sending it. Git!

Tioman was a great island to start diving: very chilled and friendly although to be honest the diving wasn't the bestest ever. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's certainly good fun but the vis was only 10m or so and I think I've been spoilt by Egyptian coral. Still and nontheless, a very enjoyable five days was spent there and some wonderful people met.

Left Tioman yesterday and moved up the coast to here, Cherating, a somewhat faded resort that has, apperently, seen it's heyday some four or five years ago. It's still a nice place to stopover on route up the coast. Although it's hard to find a bar with more than 4 people in on Saturday night, and that includes the cat. 'nuff said. Not got the USB cable for the camera with me at the moment so I can't upload any pictures yet, but patience, soon, soon!

Spent today desperately doing my homework for the Divemaster course... I'm behind schedule and it's a bit of a bugger. Got most of the DM coursebook done but still have an even bigger diving theory book to get through.

And in other news I appear to have picked up an outer ear infection which is giving me severe grief (just started in on the anti-biotic ear drops in the hope that clears it up) and aquired a Malaysian SIM. Email if you want the number!

Going to do some more homework after this followed by an early night (hopefully) as got a 7am start tomorrow to get up to Tenggol for a couple of days diving there.

Toodle pip!


Blogger Ralf said...

> Not got the USB cable for the camera with me at the moment

That's not really an excuse after a stop-over in S'pore.

9:58 am  
Blogger Bill said...

I only left it in my hotel room!

3:08 pm  

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