Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Currently a DMT...

No, not the drug but Dive Master trainee. Yes, the lowest of the low in the pro PADI world, a DM wannabe, slaving away learning umpteen things (well, I'm meant to be anyway) and generally busy busy busy. More of that later (maybe).

So what've I been up to since Cherating, which was a good week and a half ago, at least. Well, after Cherating Nick and I headed up the coast to a place by the name of Pulau Tenggol. Two tiny resorts on a gorgeous tropical island with white powder sand and nothing to do but dive. Blissful. The diving was great, far better than Tioman with respectable vis. Got 7 dives in over the two days, during which time Nick and I were the only guests. Saw sharks, turtles, crickey, all sorts. During the first night a turtle came up the beach leaving tracks two feet wide, awesome.

This was followed by a quick boot up the coast to here, the Perhentians and the start of DMdm. After a two or three days here Nick and I headed over to Redang, yet another island, for two days of diving. The first day started well, with a dive on an offshore reef and then another. On the second we saw a black tip shark on the way down which boded well for the rest of the dive which was, well, pretty damn fantastic. Until about the 35th minute. At which point I had a full blown veritgo attack. Imagine spinning arround for a good five minutes then stopping. Got that feeling in your head? Right, well keep that then imagine you're 15 meters underwater. Total disoreientation, feeling one is about to blackout and unable to move. Lasted a good (if that is the word) 5 or 10 seconds. I grabbed my buddies arm and stuck it out. Managed to finish the dive off but that was it for a good two days. I went and saw a doctor the next day who gave my ears a quick check up and there were no external signs of trauma so he perscribed me some pills for the continuing verigo and advised me stop diving for a couple of days. No shit!

Well that was it for diving on Redang for me and apperently I missed out on some great dives. On the birght side I was in the water again yesterday and today and am generally OK to dive as far as I can tell. It would appear that quite a few people get this occasionally, so one dive out of a hundred is good for me. Best advice would appear to be hold on to your regs and let it pass. Throw up if you have to.

That's about it for now: I'll probably post again in a couple of days. I'm going to try to upload a couple of photo's one of batfish and one of a turtle with a couple of remoras on it.


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