Thursday, 31 July 2008

Underwater Snickers eating

I recently went up to Capernwray with a diving colleague and friend by the name of Chris. This was to take advantage of their Wednesday late openings and get a couple of dives in after work. Whilst in work we were set a challenge by another diving colleague and friend who also goes by the name of Chris (though when diving we refer to him by the nickname of Badger Hat) to eat a Mars Bar underwater. On impulse I indicated that I preferred Snickers more than Mars Bars so Chris Badger provided one of each to us prior to our setting off from work that afternoon.

We decided to carry out the challenge on one of the 2m platforms at the end of the first dive. Alas an easy to make navigation error on my behalf meant that we missed the platforms... hey, who hasn't got North and South confused before now? Still, it proved neither here nor there as Chris found that he'd lost his Mars Bar during the course of the dive. During our surface interval we planned our next dive and decided that this time we would go straight to the platform. Chris decided to buy another Mars Bar and a spare in order to be sure.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang astray and both Mars Bars went missing, this time! The video below captures the moment Chris realises he's lost them (and yes, underwater people can hear you laugh!).

We initiated a search and rescue mission around the area we'd made our giant stride entry but alas, had no joy. I did notice a suspicious looking trout but there was no way we could prove anything so I let it be. This left us with the back up Snickers bar, as seen on the video below, which proved to be something more of a choke hazard.

Chris Badger is due to come with us next so it's his turn. After that, next stop is a three course meal!

Oh and statutory warning: May contain nuts or traces of nuts.

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