Sunday, 15 June 2008

Off diving next weekend, yay!

Ah, after the naughty mortgage people in my last post something nice and positive!

It's the first Orca UK dive trip of the year next week and we're off to the Farne Islands for a couple of days diving, weather depending of course (wind being the worry). Went on this trip last year and had a fantastic time, with the exception of the whole flooding the camera thing on the Sunday (late night + early start + bleary hungover head when putting the camera into the housing = nasty shock at 5 meters). Here's hoping the diving will be of the same standard this year: with any luck there will be photos!

And in preparation I've gone and got a new dry suit for the princely sum of £500. Still having palpitations on that, even more so when you add the cost of the undersuit in. Relax. Reeelaaaaaax. Breathe deeply and calmly. Breathe....... and relax..... it's only £655 in total... RELAX!
Seriously though, it's a custom made partly on account of me having chunky thighs from all the cycling. The colour choice was made for maximum visibility and boy does it stand out! Yellow arms, red on the chest, blue body. I'll be posting shots of it either as a standalone or as part of the Farne photos.

Oh, also might be helping at Orca carrying out Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) courses. First, got to sort out my Dive Master cert with PADI (For those not au fait with this sort of thing, in order to work as Dive Master I need to be a member of PADI in good standing, which basically involves paying my subscription for the year. And, thinking about it, ensuring my first aider status is up to date. And getting a replacement card for the one stolen in Tenerife. Sheesh, does it never end?). Secondly I need to sit in on 4 (or is it 5) DSDs before being allowed to conduct my own.
Still and all, I need to replace my card etcetera and when I do it'll be a fun thing to do!

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