Tuesday, 26 September 2006

A quick post from Bali

First time I've seen a computer in a while but I've not got my camera with me to upload any photos as yet. Soon, soon!

So, what's been happening? Well, diving in Sipidan was fantastic. More sharks (white tip, black tip, grey reef leopard and hammerhead) than you can shake a stick at. Turtles on every dive. Tuna, trevallies (jacks to you americans, tuns of large pelagics. The other islands around there were tip top for muck diving: frog fish, nudibranchs, pipefish and the like. Photos will follow!

After Sipidan I transitted over to Manado and Bunaken for, yup, more diving! More macro stuff. But no computers. Great!

This was followed by a gruelling 24 hour journey by road and ferry to the Togean islands. More great diving including a B24 bomber wreck (photos will follow!), lots of wall diving and noty only were there no computers but no mobile phone reception on the island bar for a bizarre 2 square foot patch. Didn't even wear sandals for over a week. Took 28 hours to get back to civilisation though!

Next stop was a place called Tomohon, where in the space of one day (yesterday as it happens) myself and four others (hello Anna and Oliver if you're reading) respectively climbed a volcano, went to a hot spring bath and hitched a lift on a truck who's driver spoke no English and proceeded to take us on a one and a half hour magical mystery tour. Anna, Oliver and myself were trapped in the back for this little jaunt, all very "interesting". Possibly more on this another time as well!

Arrived in Bali around 6pm and am staying in Legian (next to Kuta) at the moment. After the peace, tranquility, lack of tourists and friendly people this place is an eye opener. Within two hours I've had numerous time share touts ("Its not a time share, you've won something on our lottery..." "Do I look like I just stepped off the plane? Er... well, OK, but I've been around a bit... thats not what I meant", been offered grass and generally harrassed. On the other hand I've just had my first glass of wine and pizza for goodness knows how long! Yay!


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Hey treehugger...pleeeease post photo's of sharks, I want to know what the natives look like...and didn't your mum ever warn you about accepting lifts from strangers...

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