Friday, 14 February 2014

Prasat to Nang Rong

Mon 10/02/14, 118km

On the road by 6.45, expecting another scorcher today as temperature of 36c was forecast. The plan was to start heading northwards towards Chiang Mai and the day started well. By 8am I was approaching Surin and stopped for a quick iced coffee.

By 9AM I was just leaving the coffee place with a change of direction and plan...I'd spent the hour looking at my guidebook and various maps. I think the trigger was the road I was on and the previous days heat. The road was good quality, four lanes plus shoulders, ideal for zoning out and cycling. But also a bit boring and busy. The prospect of weeks of this in 35c heat didn't appeal.

In order to give myself thinking space I decided to change direction towards Prasat Phonom Rung, Thailand's top Khmer ruins. I set my course using Google Maps walking directions and away I flew through the Thai countryside! And then had to retrace my steps when the road disappeared. Eventually I had to back track 28km down the road I'd taken a dislike to. By lunchtime it was hot, hotter than the previous day and I was suffering, particularly when field burning was going on next to the road.

Finally made it to a nice little "boutique resort", the Rainbow Hill Hotel, although there were neither hills nor rainbows in site. Fantastic value at 500 baht. Spent the rest of the day cogitating.

Nice and cool early morning start
Yep, it was an ox cart display... Very much like a car show room
Less than fun to cycle through


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