Thursday, 30 January 2014

Siem Reap

More brief posts now as I'm "on holiday". An old friend has flown out for a fortnight so it'll be buses and general touristing.

First though, get the friend from the airport... Whilst bumping into a couple I've been seeing since Vang Vieng a few weeks ago who'd just flown in from Pakse. Nothing like being greeted off the plane by some random you thought you'd given the slip to!

Talking of which. Collected said friend (who just coincidentally happened to have Marmite and bike parts, yay!) from the airport and a hectic five days of Siem Reap and surrounds happened. Straight off the plane and off to the National Museum (worth it BTW), a stroll round the market and then dinner.

This was followed by a couple of days of temples (first time I've actually gone round every bas relief in Angkor Wat itself), apsara dance evening and the like. Then a day of floating villages and sunken forests before a final day of temples.

"Get that man away from us!"
Angkor Wat
Ta Phrom (if I recall correctly)
Sunken forest
Apsara dancers
Carving from Banteary Srei


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