Saturday, 8 February 2014

Siem Reap

03/02/14 to 06/02/14

We did the trip from Kampot to Siem Reap on the luxury Giant Ibis bus, a snip at $25. And it is luxury compared to other buses.

We were picked up early and the bus left on time for Phnom Penh where it was a change for the Siem Reap bus. Lots of leg room, no stopping to pick up every Tom Dick or Harry and English language films. Just as well as the journey took seven hours.

On arrival it was time for Sheila to do a tad of souvenir shopping and then a few glasses of wine. Oh and finish the gin off. Spent the next day somewhat hungover around the pool with Sheila topping up her tan and me just wanting to die. Had a last lunch then it was tuk tuk to the airport and farewell...

On the way back I found a dentist. Front part of my bridge had started crumbling a few days ago and emergency repairs were called for. This set the tone for the next day as well: laundry, shopping for new clothes (my original shorts are almost completely worn out to the point of embarrassment), getting bike fitted with new parts and serviced and so on.


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