Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Some diving photo's from the Perhentains

These massive beauties are Lumphead Parrotfish. Large (and I mean large) coral eaters, we encountered a group of twenty or thirty on a dive. Awesome.
More of the Lumpheads
This is from a place called Fish Heaven. It's a barge or transport of some sort half way between the Perhentians and Redang: need GPS to locate it and the buoy is at 6m... someone needs to skindive done to attach to it (this is to stop other dive centres finding it for themselves). The wreck lies on an otherwise sandy bottom and is rarely visited (it's a 40 minute ride out) so it attracts incredible amounts of fish life: I saw schools such as these, bamboo sharks, white eyed and green morays, bat fish, mappa puffers, the list just goes on and on. Incredible.

And now I must away and book a flight to Borneo. I'm in a dither about this though... well, more for continuing on afterwards. Rather than spend days buggering around through the jungle I'm tempted to take a couple of flights and get straight to Sulawesi in two or three days rather than a week. Having said that there's still buggering about involved and backtracking. Argh, I hate having to make decisions like this!

Lastly a joke: when the chicken in Kuala Lumpur cross the road? Because it could and you don't get that sort of opportunity round here very often!



Blogger Boogie Knight said...

Wotcha Bill...good to see you're making good use of those lungs in a submarine-kinda-way...Blog is great to read and the pics are wonderful...don't have your email address, so had to post this to your blog, but...Quynh and I are getting married October 2007, and it would be fantastic if you and Helen could come (Russ & Andi and Nick T are also invited, and there will be no religious connotations whatsoever - just food, live music and lotsa booze). Enjoy the diving and I'll post some more again soon...

1:23 pm  
Blogger Boogie Knight said...

oh, and that first comment was from me, Rob S, formerly of Worcs, now of London...

1:25 pm  
Blogger nige said...

Fantastic Pictures Billy!

1:28 pm  

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