Saturday, 30 August 2008

Finished with the hyperbaric chamber

Had a further two follow up sessions this week and on Friday I was given the all clear. Well, I say "the all clear", what I mean is they've given me as much hyperbaric treatment as is practicable. The patches of tingling and numbness have cleared up although my hands don't quite feel normal as yet. All down to the nerve sheaths regenerating now!

I've been signed off diving for four weeks, which is a shame. Still, only thing I've planned for definite was a weekend in Mull in early October which I should be able to make although I had been hoping to get a way for a couple of weekends before then. Ah well, probably be able to get some in after before it gets too cold for me and got to make sure I'm fully healed.

Yes, the Isle of Mull. To be honest I'm apprehensive about diving again after this bend, particularly Mull... the diving there is meant to be around the 30m mark in the same sort of UK waters and I really don't want a repeat of this not so little incident! I was fortunate in that this bend manifested itself in my arms where the nerves can regrow. Heard a lot of talk of spinal bends where you really are fucked as the nerve does not have the same abilities to regenerate itself. All part of life's knocks I guess, along with the capped teeth and assorted scars: still, the prospect of picking up permanent pins and needles is something else again, let alone paralysis.

So, what can we learn from all this? Those of us who dive should take this away: keeping hydrated when diving doesn't just mean drink a few glasses of water, better something uncaffeinated with sugars and the like in it. If you DO feel tingly post dive (or have any other DCS symptoms) ring the RN Institute of Naval Medicine pronto, they've a doctor available 24 hours a day. The number is 07831 151523, I'd advise putting adding it to your logbook if you dive in the UK. Seriously, I thought I'd never need it. I was wrong.

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